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"I have hardly anything in common with myself and should stand very quietly in a corner, content that I can breathe." (kafka)
j, 24. actual text. occasional person.
lit theory, church architecture, and whales // always up for shakespeare, calvino, mckinley, wynne jones.
people often look for hannibal meta or thoughts on performative kingship.
we don't talk about the anime sideblog.
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Inside York Minster, winter 2010 (own photographs)

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How to Survive a trip to IKEA


  • Never go alone- bring a partner. Travel in pairs
  • Before entering, ensure that someone not entering knows you are going in, and when you expect to be out
  • Before entering, determine the cause of your mission- your mission objective. Bookcase? Couch? Oven? Meatballs? Figure it out
  • Upon entering, locate The Path
  • Do not disengage from The Path until you have reached your mission destination. Many have been lost forever to the wilds of IKEA by not obeying this. Very few are ever located again by the sparse store employees.
  • Upon reaching your mission destination, you may disengage from The Path ONLY when accompanied by your partner (physical contact should be maintained- ie, holding hands, holding shirt sleeve, both holding an end of a rope, etc)
  • When you disengage from The Path to acquire the data for your mission objective (ie, the item number for the bookcase, couch, meatballs, etc), it becomes your partner’s responsibility to maintain visual contact with The Path. Much like weeping angel statues, The Path will move if not actively being watched. This will strand you and your partner in the wilds of IKEA, so ensure you choose a partner wisely.
  • Upon acquiring the mission objective data (ie the item number), navigate back to The Path. You may disengage physical contact with your partner once you have safely returned to The Path
  • Do not leave The Path again. It will naturally end at the warehouse/stock section. This is a long, huge hall with many branches.
  • At the entrance of the warehouse section, acquire a cart if necessary. Using your item coordinates, locate your mission objective. Do not leave the main hallway except for the branch where your item is located. Like The Path, the wilds of IKEA sometimes sneak up on travelers that wander the warehouse section
  • Once your item has been loaded, head to the check out section. Do not touch anything in the boxes along the way. They appear to be full of candles or stuffed animals or useful kitchenware; it is a ruse. They are carnivorous.
  • After checking out, exit to the loading area. Load your item, and leave.
  • Do not look in your rearview mirror as you leave. It shouldn’t pursue you if you don’t look back.
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Two Labyrinths



Zeus could not unmake the webs
of stone that surround me. I have forgotten
the men I used to be; I follow the hated
road of monotonous walls
that is my destiny. Straight galleries
that curl themselves into secret circles
throughout the years. Parapets
cracked by the usury of days.
In the pale dust I have deciphered
a trail that I fear. On some concave evenings
the wind has brought me a desolate bellowing
or the echo of a desolate bellowing.
I know there is Another in the shadows,
whose destiny is to exhaust the long solitudes
that weave and unweave this Hades
and to thirst for my blood and devour my death.
We look for each other. I wish this
was the last day of waiting.


There will never be a door. You are inside
and the fortress surrounds the universe
and has no obverse nor reverse
nor outer wall nor secret center.
Do not hope the rigor or your path
that stubbornly bifurcates into another,
that stubbornly bifurcates into another,
will come to an end. Your fate is made of iron
like your judge. Do not expect the charging
of the bull who is a man and whose strange
plural form brings terror to the tangle
of infinitely intersecting stone.
It does not exist. Expect nothing. Not even,
in the black twilight, the beast.

Jorge Luis Borges

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so after further consideration of the concept of coastal grunge i have decided that i need the following in my life:

  • selkie au
  • meet during tavern fight au
  • stranded on faroe islands au
  • whisky distillery au
  • atlantis ain’t as pretty as you think au
  • lighthouse not working au
  • underwater au
  • driftwood artists au
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whale 06 (by fgipper01)

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Graham McKay (Misfits’ Architecture) on Kazuo Shinohara’s Houses

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Joshua Dudley Greer - Somewhere Along the Line

Artist’s statement:

"Early settlers imagined the New World as a pristine, uninhabited wilderness – a landscape of unparalleled beauty, magnitude and possibility. Yet the driving impulse of expansion was rarely to commune with nature, but more often a desire to carve a garden from these wilds and create a new civilization, unique from all others. Lines began to be drawn, initially through agriculture and settlements, then railways and cities, and eventually the road.

Today, the American landscape is carved up by nearly 4,000,000 miles of roadways that lead us to just about anywhere we need or want to be. The Interstate Highway System in particular has permanently altered the way we experience the landscape and in turn, each other.

The ideas of mobility, prosperity, community and growth, cornerstones of the American Dream, still motivate many of us to strike out on the road in search of something beyond what our daily lives provide. For some it may be a job or a lifestyle, for others an escape. Whatever the motivation may be, we are all visitors somewhere.”

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Summer In The Mountains
By Danielle Hughson

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Love you mother by 

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This kinda sounds like a poem

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