if academia had a black market
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"I have hardly anything in common with myself and should stand very quietly in a corner, content that I can breathe." (kafka)
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lit theory, church architecture, and whales // also hannibal, sports anime (knb, free!, haikyuu!!, dont look at me), pacific rim, and night vale are the fandoms of the hour. & always up for shakespeare.
people often look for hannibal meta or thoughts on performative kingship.


i’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this chapter bc lack of chinese skills but it looks like furudate’s finally made good on oikawa’s birthday

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all alone during winter break at hogwarts*

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Ed Sheeran - Multiply

don’t // ed sheeran

don’t fuck with my love
that heart is so cold
all over my arms
i don’t wanna know that name

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i can’t believe bb caligula died on game of thrones

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Hand coloured images of Japan | Via

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Gustav Klutsis, cover for the Soviet avant-garde architectural journal Stroitel’stvo Moskvy (1929, No. 2).
(via http://thecharnelhouse.org/2014/04/12/avant-garde-journal-design-building-moscow-строительство-москвы-1927-1931/)

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 faig ahmeds Embroidered Art 

When you think of traditional carpets from Azerbaijan, the thought of contemporary art does not quickly spring to mind… but these beautiful, and modern works will change that. Faiq Ahmed, a native of the Eurasian nation, has taken his countries old-school art form and brought it beautifully into the current era, deconstructing the ancient process of weaving and adapting it to todays contemporary art forms.

for some reason, these make me really uncomfortable and i love it so much

the best art makes you a little uncomfortable.

textile boner
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There’s a book sitting in front of you.

In it contains all the bad things people have said about you behind your back, would you open it? 

Hell fucking yeah

Read it so you can find out what people really have to say about you and how you can change your character to be a better person.

read it so you know what order to murder people in

two kinds of people

Fic: The Faces Of Murder Houses (Hannibal, gen, M)


A/N: The events of the last two episodes made me so mad that I wrote fic. For the first time in years. Because Bev deserved so much more than the send-off they gave her in the show, dammit.

The Faces Of Murder Houses

JY Yang

After I die the first thing I do is to tilt all the pictures in the house. There are fifty-four of them  I counted. How pretentious do you have to be to have fifty-four framed works of art in one house? It explains a lot about you, Dr Lecter. I find every single one, even the tiny Dali pencil sketch in the bathroom, and tilt them all. A few degrees to the left, a few degrees to the right, I don’t really care.

I also pull all his cutlery drawers out by half a centimeter, at most. All the shoes in his closet? I swap their places.

When I come back from visiting they’ve all been put back into place. Good. I do it all over again, but slightly differently this time. Chaos. Entropy.

They say the dead have no power, but they’re wrong. This is a war of attrition, and we are in it for the long run.

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live in san francisco? have a floor?



me and my buddy mauer will be needing a place to stay from june 24th/25th until july 3rd. we’re taking a greyhound down to san francisco for this year’s pride, and there’s no way in hell we can afford a hotel. 

if you or someone you know may be willing to let us crash at your place (sleep on your couch, use your shower), please contact me through my tumblr or email me at monsterjournalism@gmail.com

note: please don’t offer if you’re a teenager still living at home. we appreciate the thought, but mauer and i are both in our twenties and we ain’t about that internet predator life

thank you!

— sadie

p.s. signal boosts appreciated

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It’s hilarious that we live in a society that will shame you for how much sex you have and for the junk food you eat. Like, wow, how dare you eat delicious foods and have orgasms, you’re a monster. Enjoy your miserable life filled with pleasures.

Ordinarily I go to the woods alone, with not a single
friend, for they are all smilers and talkers and therefore

I don’t really want to be witnessed talking to the catbirds
or hugging the old black oak tree. I have my way of
praying, as you no doubt have yours.

Besides, when I am alone I can become invisible, I can sit
on the top of a dune as motionless as an uprise of weeds,
until the foxes run by unconcerned. I can hear the almost
unhearable sound of the roses singing.

If you have ever gone to the woods with me, I must love
you very much.

- Mary Oliver, “How I Go to the Woods” (via dodsrike)

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does no one realize that robin hood was a terrible role model for young kids? i mean you are stealing from people (illegal) and those people (usually) worked hard to get their wealth. it really demotivates people to succeed when they know they can get something someone else worked for.

is this what rich people worry about lmao

who knew the sheriff of nottingham had a blog

Ayn Rand actually believed this.

i’m not sure what i find most hilarious about this but i think it might be the idea that anyone who had wealth in the 13th century ‘worked hard’ to get it

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i’m not kidding about the ugly furniture video. please watch it. i was in hysterics by thirty seconds in.

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