if academia had a black market
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"I have hardly anything in common with myself and should stand very quietly in a corner, content that I can breathe." (kafka)
j, 24. actual text. occasional person.
lit theory, church architecture, and whales // also hannibal, sports anime (knb, free!, haikyuu!!, dont look at me), pacific rim, and night vale are the fandoms of the hour. & always up for shakespeare.
people often look for hannibal meta or thoughts on performative kingship.

A ROOT IN DRY SOIL | “God became a man completely, a man to the point of infamy, a man to the point of being reprehensible—all the way to the abyss.  He was Judas.” | a Southern Gothic mix for Will Graham’s darkest timeline.

Sinking Hands / Wovenhand • Invisible Man / Strawfoot • Sinnerman / Nina Simone • Lose Your Soul / Dead Man’s Bones • Bilgewater / Brown Bird • Psalm of Solitude / Sons of Perdition • Demon Host / Timber Timbre • Damnation Way / Strawfoot • Golden and Green / The Builders and the Butchers • The Party / Sons of Perdition • wounded stag / Lux Interna • No One / Those Poor Bastards • Where Have All Your Good Words Gone? / Laura Gibson • O Death / Ralph Stanley

[listen] | [download] | [description] | [inspired by andimprouvaire]

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